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Innovative coloring pages for children and adults!


Would you like to find a surprise that is generated by your QR code? Carefully shade the cells where you see dots, and then scan it with a mobile phone. 

After scanning your completed QR code, you will discover a unique video created specially for you. This motivates a person to complete the proposed QR code by carefully shading empty cells containing dots inside as shown in the picture. This type of creative art ensures inner harmony, relaxation, and a great mood. 

ART DECODE offers you a series of live cards with a QR-code: for kids, holiday greetings, and art-therapy.


ART DECODE Kids: The completion of this task motivates children to develop perseverance, attentiveness, accurate eye and orientation in space, and so much more. At the end of the task, a big surprise awaits. It's real art fun!

Always join your child if they need help, and don’t forget to congratulate them on a job well done! These beautiful kits can be used individually, or as goody bags for birthday parties.


ART DECODE Greetings: By scanning a QR-code, you will discover a beautiful song, video, or a slideshow created specially for this holiday. This greeting card can be used as a unique gift for your loved ones. 


ART DECODE Therapy: When drawing a pattern, your body enters a state of even rhythm, which brings calm, relaxation and inner harmony. Additionally, getting a positive result from your drawing will bring you moral satisfaction, an increase in self-esteem and a good mood. 


Products of "Art Decode" raise awareness about Ukraine in the United States and all over the World. Part of the proceeds goes to support public school # 12

for kids with special needs in the city of Kyiv (Ukraine) 

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