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Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What is the connection between Glow Art ®  and Art Decode?

Glow Art brand is an “umbrella” brand for custom made QR code accessories, embroidery etc. Art Decode is a new line of products from Glow Art.

2. Who is Tetiana Protcheva?

Tetiana Protcheva is an artist-designer, Ambassador of peace, inventor of QR-codes and Glow Art in embroidery.

3. What is included into the Art-Decode smart kit?

Usually, it is a package containing a coloring card with or without a pencil to complete the QR code according to the scheme printed inside.

4. How does this coloring page work?

Just shade the cells where you see the black dots. If you or your child do it correctly,  then your QR code will work! Scan it with your smartphone, and tap the link on your phone.

5. What information is generated in these QR codes?

It depends. Our line has 3 directions: 

  • Art decode for children (contains songs, videos and cartoons)

  • Art Decode for adults (contain videos and slideshows as art therapy)

  • Art Decode greeting cards for special events like holidays.

  • Coming soon: QR code and augmented reality/Mother's Day greeting card.

6. What if my child has messed up the scheme and the code is not being scanned?

Great question! We always give you or your child the 2nd and the 3rd chance. Please find a correspondent QR code scheme on  this page below. Copy the file, paste it into a new doc, and print it out.

7. What is the min. order for my cards?

Min order is 10 pcs.

8. Can I order a special theme for my smart kit?

Absolutely! It takes 14 business days to create your kit and deliver it to your address. 

Min. quantity - 10 pcs.

9. Can I use these kits as goody bags for my kid’s birthday party?

Yes, of course. You can order plastic bags from our website, pack everything together and get a wonderful theme party kit.

10. How do I find out about  new themed QR code coloring pages?

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